Tutor Premium Membership

Want to grow your income as a tutor? You need to upgrade your Basic Membership to Premium Member at My Private Home Tutor and get plethora of students looking for tutors in your subject and area.

To Become a Paid/Premium Member you need a Tutor Member ID by registered as a basic member Click Here To Register. After basic registration, you can upgrade your membership to Silver or Gold. You will get your Tutor Member ID within 24 hours of registration.


9 Benefits Of Tutor Premium Membership :

  • 1. Students can directly access your contact and profile details from the website to get in touch.
  • 2. Institutes, Colleges, Other Tutor Service Providers will be able to access your contact details and contact you directly for tuition & teaching job requirements.
  • 3. Priority over basic members when a student calls directly to MPHT for Hiring Tutor.
  • 4. Get the premium & documents verified Tag.
  • 5. Get your own Contact Form.
  • 6. Get listing displayed above Basic Members.
  • 7. Own Contact No., Email, Premium Tag, Contact Form to increase direct calls & opportunities.
  • 8. Quick updates for editing profile details (Contact no, Email, Address or other details).
  • 9. Detailed profile with your own shareable web address. (Example : myprivatehometutor.in/name-city or Location/).


  Premium Membership Offer :

1 Year

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INR 650/-

1 Year + 2 Banner Ads

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1 Year

Gold Membership

INR 1000/-

(Renew Yearly)

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6 Months

Silver Membership

INR 600/-

(Renew Half Yearly)

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