Tutor FAQ

Tutor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to find answers to questions we get asked frequently by tutors using the site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just get in touch by using the contact us options.

Ques 1 : How to register as a Tutor in MPHT?

Answer: Please Click Here to Sign up as Tutor and follow on-screen instructions.

Ques 2: Do I have to pay to become a registered tutor?

Answer: No, you can create a tutor profile for free, but students can see your limited details on your profile to the site. Free members will not have their contact details published for students to see. For full access, you have to Upgrade your free membership into premium member by Click here. (1st create free account then Upgrade.)

Ques 3 : When can I See my Profile or Tutor list after registration?

Answer: After Registration, you’ll get a routine verification call from MPHT Support Team in next 24 hours. After successful verification your tutor profile will be activated on the site. The entire process can take 24-48 hours to complete, so please keep patience and co-operate with us.

Ques 4 : As a free member, can I get any enquiry?

Answer: Yes, as a Basic member you can get tuition enquiry on email depending upon the availability. Based on your profile students can send you message, send callback requests on Email. However to show you full details you need to subscribe with our Premium Membership or buy Tuition Connects.

Ques 5 : What other benefits will I get as a paid or premium tutor?

Answer:  As a premium member, you can enjoy these following benefits.

  • Premium Tag with your profile
  • Profile displayed above Basic members
  • Mobile / WhatsApp Number with profile
  • Real Time Tuition Mails
  • Students will directly call you.
Ques 6 : How can I make my tutor profile unique?

Answer: You can make your profile more attractive or unique to the students. It’ll initiate the chance of getting more tuition enquiries. So you should take care of these following points.

  • Upload profile photo
  • Display latest educational certificate
  • Updated qualification details
  • Updated tutoring experience
  • Attractive tutoring approach
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Providing group class
Ques 7 : Will I get tuition enquiries through SMS and Email?

Answer: Yes, Students can send you SMS or Email directly. but MPHT will not provided this service.

Ques 8 : Is it mandatory to upload ID proof copy?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to provide complete address for the Home Tutors.

Ques 9 : Is it mandatory to upload last educational certificate copy?

Answer: It is not mandatory to upload your educational certificates scanned copy but to increase your profile authenticity we encourage all members to do the same. You can upload copy of your certificate and address proof and for a small fees can add “Profile Verified” badge with your listing.

Note: We do respect your privacy and do not share any data with any 3rd party.

Ques 10 : Is it necessary to display my educational certificate's copy with my profile?

Answer: You should display your latest educational certificate’s copy with your tutor profile (but it is not mandatory). Your latest certificates will add more value to your profile and it’ll become more authentic and acceptable to the students.

Ques 11 : Is it necessary to provide complete address for home tutor?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary to provide complete address for the home tutors, but not mandatory.

Ques 12 : Can I change my location and category or segments after registration?

Answer:  Yes, you can change your address location and segment or category after registration by call or email support . But you can change only this 2 times.

Ques 13 : Can I register only as an Online Tutor?

Answer: Yes, you can register as an online tutor and approach our students for online lessons.


  • MPHT only provides online tuition enquiries and does not organise any online classes.
  • MPHT does not provide any online room or whiteboard facility also
Ques 14 : How many categories can I register for?

Answer: You can register yourself as a tutor in up to 5 categories so students can easily find you based on the kind of tuition they need. To create a profile and register your skills and qualifications, Click here.

Ques 15 : Can I specify my location?

Answer: Yes. This is particularly useful if you want to register as a home tutor, as students can search for you based on their location. To sign up as a home tutor, click here.

Ques 16 : Do I have to send students proof of my qualifications?

Answer: Although we verify all of your credentials when you sign up as a registered tutor, some students may still request to see your credentials. All of our tutors get their credentials pre-verified so that students can trust MyPrivateHomeTutor to provide them with an expert.

Ques 17 : How do I get in touch with students?

Answer: Once you have upgraded to a premium membership, your details will be published in our Site and students will be able to contact you directly to organize tuition.

Ques 18 : IF I get a student who wants me as their tutor. Do I have to pay a fee or Commission?

Answer: No. The only fee you pay is the monthly or yearly subscription to use our Premium services – any business you gain as a result of your membership will collected in full by you, meaning once you have set up an agreement MyPrivateHomeTutor does not charge any extra commission.

Ques 19 : Where do I teach from?

Answer: This depends on you & your students. If your Students wants online class, you can hold classes remotely and set up your very own online classrooms meaning you can tutor multiple students at once from anywhere in India. If your Students wants a home tutor, you will need to set up a location to tutor your students from – this depends on what you agree with your student, but could be at your home, the student’s home or any other location you have permission to use, depending on the agreement you make with students.

Ques 20 : If I register as a premium member, do you guarantee that I will get students to tutor?

Answer: Although we do everything we can to provide the best connection between students and tutors, MyPrivateHomeTutor can make no guarantee in terms of a successful tuition being set up. Remember that we have number of students who use our service regularly.

Ques 21 : Is there any money back guarantee if I do not get any student from MPHT?

Answer: We can understand your concern and give you assurance about the availability of tuition enquiries from your selected location, segments and subjects. Generally we do not refund fees but can always help to get more tuition leads. So, before choosing a subscription plan please read MPHT Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Ques 22 : How many enquiries will I get after paying subscription?

Answer: During subscription time period (say for 6 months or 12 months) you’ll get all available tuition enquiries from your selected location, segments and subjects. The total number of tuition enquiry may vary depending upon the availability.

Ques 23 : Can I pay subscription amount after getting prospective students?

Answer: We can understand your concern. But you are only eligible to your show full contact details after choosing your suitable subscription.

Ques 24 : Is there any limit to get daily enquiries?

Answer: There is no daily quota of getting tuition enquiries and the daily number of tuition enquiry may vary depending upon the available tuitions in selected location, segments and subjects.

Ques 25 : Why a tutor can be marked as 'Fake' or Suspended?

Answer: Due to disappointing services by the tutors, students can mark them as FAKE TUTOR. If MPHT gets repeated fake reporting and negative reviews against a particular tutor and proves the fact. Then MPHT reserves the right to suspend that tutor’s profile even if he/she is a premium or paid member.

Reasons to mark as FAKE TUTOR

  • Tutor has taken tuition fees from a student but not offering any class.
  • Tutor is not providing tuition regularly/too much irregular.
  • Fixed up tuition as a home tutor, but not willing to go student’s home now.
  • Unable to show qualification proof, if requested by the student.
  • Changing Email/Mobile Number/Address without updating MPHT
Ques 26 : Do I need to pay any commission to MPHT from my tuition fees?

Answer: If you are Premium Member then we do not claim any type of commission from your tuition fees which has been received from student directly. So you need not to pay anything except the premium subscription fees.