Students FAQ

Students FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to find answers to questions we get asked frequently by Students using the site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just get in touch by using the contact us options.

Quest 1 : Why does MPHT exist?

Answer : For you: It’s hard to find good help, and we want to make that easier. Specifically, parents seeking tutors and other support professionals often have trouble knowing where to most effectively start.  We help you solve that problem by providing a networked group of professionals who understand how each of our offerings can help you.

Quest 2 : How can I find a tutor?

Answer : Two ways: click the Search Tutor button on the front page, or call the phone number on the front page.  We understand that some people prefer to do their research online and others prefer to start with a conversation with an expert.

Quest 3 : How do I communicate with and send messages to a tutor?

Answer : All members are able to browse our tutors. Students/parents can see tutor contact details and call or sms them. you will  not need to sign-up as a member because there is no procedure for students membership. It's free for all Students. MPHT does not charge any kind of money from students.

Quest 4 : How do I verify the tutor’s qualification & Identity?

Answer : Ask the tutors to bring their MPHT Member ID, Certificates & Photo ID & Address Proof on the first lesson. Take a copy of the Tutor's Photo ID & Address Proof from the Tutor.

Quest 5 : Are there extra charges besides the tuition fees. Do I need to pay anything extra to MyPrivateHomeTutor?

Answer : With Paid Member Tutors Absolutely not. Anything agreed between you and a tutor remains between you and the tutor, you will only pay to the tutor and we will never ask for a commission.

With Free Member Tutors Absolutely Yes. You have to pay tuition fee to My Private Home Tutor.

Quest 6 : What will be the tuition fees of the tutors?

Answer : We can understand your concern. We only provide the tutors' details and do not fix any tuition fees on behalf of any tutor.

Quest 7 : Does MPHT provide or organise any demo class?

Answer :  We do not provide or organise any demo class for students, tutors or tutoring centers. you have to ask for demo to tutors or tutoring centers.

Quest 8 : Without registration, can I send message to my preferred tutor?

Answer : Yes, Because there is no registration or membership procedure for students. you can send messages or tuition requirements to your preferred tutors or tutoring centers by our Contact form. However we cannot guarantee that you will surely get reply from them. If you send sms to many tutors it may also happen that you get many calls during short period of time.

Quest 9 : Are Tutors and Tutorial Centers registered on MPHT verified?

Answer : MPHT does verify email and contact number of all tutors or institutes or tutoring centres profile so there is less chance for students' disappointment. If student finds any fake tutor, he/she can 'Report Fake' that tutorby contact us. If proved, we'll take necessary step against that tutor.

To whom a student can report fake

  • Tutor has taken tuition fees from a student but not offering any class.
  • Tutor is not providing tuition regularly.
  • Fixed up tuition as a home tutor, but not willing to go student’s home now.
  • Unable to show qualification proof, if requested by the student.

Note: MPHT will not be responsible if any member ( tutors and tutorial centers) changes their details (i.e. mobile number, email ID, address etc.) without informing us.