How Our Service Works

How To Find a Tutor or Tuition Centre

 My Private Home Tutor makes the whole process of locating tutors quick and easy.

Step 1 : Browse through our list of thousands of registered tutors completely free of charge.

Step 2 : By using our search feature, you will be able to identify a number of suitable tutors & tuition centres operating within your Location. You can then message or call these tutors or tuition centres, and ask them any questions you may have.

  1. Enter your postcode or location to see a list of all tutors close to you.
  2. Contact as many tutors through our site as you wish, for no charge.
  3. Check all tutor profiles, speak to them, discuss lesson scheduling.
  4. Schedule a meeting and if suitable fix up tuition assignment.

Most tuition agencies will select your tutor for you, based on who they think would be suitable. My Private Home Tutor doesn’t work this way : we believe the parent, or the student themselves to be the best judge. They will know better than an agency assessor who is the right tutor for them.

We do not take any commission from Tutors or Tuition Centres. Most agencies work by commission, taking a cut of the tutor’s or tuition centres earnings. This has the effect of driving up the tuition centre’s or tutor’s hourly rate considerably, as the tutor will seek to recoup their lost funds.


How we works for Tutors or Tuition Centres

Step 1 : Register yourself with My Private Home Tutor and fill out your profile details, tutoring experiences and all other details in form.

Step 2 : After submitting your profile we will call you in next 24 hours for Verify your details.

Step 3 : After verify your details your profile will be displayed in our tutor or tuition Centre list and students can see your limited details on your profile.

Step 4 : After Upgrade membership students can see the full profile of Tutor or Tuition centre in all locations and subjects.